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Give your home a thorough “Detox”! From basic cleaning , deep cleaning to even intense cleaning choose specific areas and experience the professional cleaning difference. From floors to sofas, bathroom to the kitchen, windows to ceilings - call us for a complete rejuvenating experience for your space!

While cleaning gives a swanky appearance to your home, safety isn't visible to the naked eye. No matter how clean the surface looks, eliminate every bit of doubt by inviting us for our sanitization expertise. Using industry grade, certified solvents, we will rid your house of those invisible guests who pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones.

icn-Basic Cleaning

Basic Cleaning

Give your home a thorough "Detox"! When cleaning gets a professional edge, it's nothing short of a makeover! Book now to experience the difference!

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icn-Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services use cutting edge technology to explore hidden corners & crevices. So you can rest assured there are no more "Dirty Secrets" in your house!

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icn-Intense Cleaning

Intense Cleaning

Add a round of steam to our professional cleaning to eliminate 99% bacteria.

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icn-Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaner the kitchen, safer your family! Professional kitchen cleaning adds the much needed element of hygiene to a sparkling clean kitchen.

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icn-Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Transform your bathroom into a rejuvenating personal space! Clean and hygienic bathrooms with world-class equipment and specially trained Ninjas now at your fingertips!

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icn-Window & Grill Cleaning

Window & Grill Cleaning

Enjoy better views and a safer breeze where our Ninjas clean up glass panes, grills and grooves of your windows with industry grade chemicals and world-class equipment.

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Safety isn't visible to the naked eye. No matter how clean the surface looks, eliminate every bit of doubt with our sanitization experts.

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With the sole aim of bringing world-class, latest-in-line technologies and cleaning and sanitization methodologies used by acclaimed residences and commercial centres globally, Vype’s endeavours are simply to set cleaning and hygiene standards at par with the highest, international yardsticks.

And we achieve this by being entirely self-sufficient, with 100% ownership of equipment, maintenance and full time staff trained by us, with no third party vendors. This helps us keep prices in control and thus, you will only experience standards that are high, not the price!