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Keep your floors looking their best with professional floor care services from Vype!

While regular cleaning may just sweep, mop or even vacuum, our professional floor care goes several steps beyond and offers specialized cleaning required by the type of floor you have.

Thus, don't be content with regular cleaning for your floor, because it deserves so much more! Every type of floor - Marble, Granite, Makrana, Kota or Wood has a specialized treatment that ensures their natural shine stands out.

Using best-in-class detergents, scrubbing and polishing pads handled by trained Ninjas with single disc machines, Vype ensures you get floored as your floor experiences the professional difference!



The natural elegance and the fine finish of marble floors is what enhances the elegance of your space. Specialised solvents should be used while cleaning marble floors, as regular cleaning liquids may have more acidic content that will prove detrimental to the quality of the stone.

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Makrana Marble has a unique property of retaining its white sheen for longer periods of time. Which is why it was used extensively in the construction of The Taj Mahal! Professional cleaning every few months is all you need for your Makrana Floors to remain in mint condition.

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Since Kota floors are non-water absorbent and are not acid and alkali resistant, they can be stained easily. Kota is also prone to “flaking”, where the stone begins to weaken from within. Regular professional cleaning and polishing is a must to keep Kota floors looking their beautiful, colourful best.

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Granite floors are the easiest to clean. To maintain their beautiful appearance, a professional touch to cleaning every few months should work wonders for granite floors!

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Wooden floors add the timeless aesthetic touch to your space, however, without regular professional care, they are extremely vulnerable, especially in humid cities like in Mumbai. Since they tend to absorb moisture, the wood will swell up and get damaged. Regular professional dry vacuum and dry mopping is needed to keep moisture seepage away.

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With the sole aim of bringing world-class, latest-in-line technologies and cleaning and sanitization methodologies used by acclaimed residences and commercial centres globally, Vype’s endeavours are simply to set cleaning and hygiene standards at par with the highest, international yardsticks.

And we achieve this by being entirely self-sufficient, with 100% ownership of equipment, maintenance and full time staff trained by us, with no third party vendors. This helps us keep prices in control and thus, you will only experience standards that are high, not the price!